After an intense, early and transformational meditative experience I had in 2010, my focus has slowly narrowed to all things related to meditation, neuroscience, and buddhism. My M.Sc. in Biochemistry/neuroscience has helped me interpret my understanding of my own experiences and helped me to get an understanding of persons actively researching aspects of meditation. Since I’m reading and learning so much, and writing is a good way to formulate my thoughts, my goal with this blog is to bring my thoughts to you, and hope that you can gain some understanding for yourself.

Following my M.Sc., I worked with one of the pioneers of neurofeedback and learned a lot there. I’ve moved on since then and currently work in science/media. This blog may also help me focus on what I’d like to study in particular. In addition to a meditation practice, I also practice QiGong and dabble in Yoga. If you haven’t tried meditation yet, please, try it, it may change your life!

I have another site where I have additional media at: themeditativebrain.com. So please follow to stay tuned!



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